Servers carve up to 15 types of grilled meat at your table with a wide range of salads & hot dishes.

Friendly Staff & GREAT FOOD! Couldn’t ask for much more. My first time to this type of restaurant and wow what an experience. Having high quality meat delivered to your table at the flip of a token was wonderful. My favourites were the gammon & garlic steak.

Highly recommend eating “tapas style.” Enjoy a few cuts of meat, take a break, then a few more cuts of meat. There was a lovely selection of various sides so everyone is sure to find some thing they’ll enjoy. The wine selection is also quite impressive. Small innovative details like using the former buffet area to still have lovely coloured sides, fondu pots, and amuse-bouche was a pleasant touch.

The truffle fries blew me away. Try dipping them in peppercorn sauce and have a party in your mouth. I highly recommend this restaurant. The setting is also perfect as you’re directly in the city Center close to the action, but also right next to the train station if you want to roll home and lie down after a feast.

Fazenda Leeds - Brazilian Restaurant